Thursday, January 19, 2012

No Whine Zone


LuLu-ism # 43: Real heroes are few and far between. Cherish them.

Sorry about posting a little late this morning. I’m puny as is half of Wisconsin right now. Don’t know about you but there’s an evil little bug going round up here causing havoc with our respiratory systems, tummies and just about anything else it can get a-hold of. I’ve dragged myself around the house for two days now with rubbery legs and aching bones. Hear me whine!

But, let me tell you about someone who isn’t whining but has every right to… my hubs. He’s not here right now because he’s at the hospital getting his daily radiation treatment. About a year ago he had his first radiation treatment and came through with flying colors until a nasty infection set up housekeeping at the radiated site. Two more stays in the hospital and a few more months of recup and he was good to ago. Until his three month PET scan revealed another cancerous site behind his knee. Yet another surgery. Minor, but surgery just the same. Then right before Thanksgiving, a PET revealed another ‘suspicious’ site behind the same knee. This time instead of surgery he opted for radiation. And, here we are. We’re almost two years into what Gary calls his Medical Mystery Tour. Those who have kept up with us know my sweet man was diagnosed with a rare form of atypical Melanoma in March 2010. A tumor the size of Cancun had staked claim to his ankle and then sent cancer on up to some lymph nodes in his groin area. It’s been a battle, but one that my hubs has braved as ferociously as the young shepherd boy did when facing Goliath. And, he’s done it all without whining.

The man is my hero. The man is the love of my life. He is teaching me how to live like a warrior. I keep breaking a nail on the shield he is training me to fight with and then whining about it, but another thing he is, is patient. That’s a good thing for me. Pray for him today if you get a chance. God knows his name well. He knows all giant-slayers intimately and this one He’s been quite partial to.




listening said...

Hello Deb and David/Gary,
I try and catch LuLu as I know I am guaranteed an authentic look into an authentic heart. I do hold you and yours in prayer, and will never forget all you have done for our family. Sharing communion with mom in her last days is one of my most glorious memories, and best ever examples of loving one another... With hope for healing, love and gratitude for the lives you lead- Ellen

The LuLu Chronicles said...

Thank you, Ellen. That wonderful Sunday evening in communion with your family in your little back room, has a treasured place in my heart as well. It was certainly a God moment.
love you...

Kristin said...

Bless you and your husband. I worry about melanoma too - just because I'm prone to skin cancer and I've had two small ones removed - whatever the most common form is. It's not serious like melanoma, but just little scary warnings. And the stitch lines on my head aren't exactly hot stuff.