Thursday, March 15, 2012

God who?


“The trouble about God is that he is like a person who never acknowledges your letters and so, in time, you come to the conclusion either that he does not exist or that you have got his address wrong.”

C.S. Lewis

Where I live we are having unseasonably warm weather. In March we’re usually still cross-country skiing and stoking the fire in the fireplace. Yet, yesterday had LuLu and I pedaling down the road and windows open in the living room. As my pink bike and I toured the countryside, the above quote popped into my mind. A strange place for my mind to settle, but I never know where my thoughts will roam once I hop on LuLu.

Those words were uttered by a young C.S. Lewis on his way to discovering his own belief in God. It gives me comfort that one, now known for his great faith, could have had such doubts. After the recent run of bad weather and tragedy across the south, I’m sure there are many people left wondering. “God who?”

I’m not sure why horrible things happen. Some are our own doing. Some are not. Nevertheless, the pain is real. And, as the young author once asked, “Will God answer the letter?”

My thoughts on that? It depends on if you check your mailbox. Digging under the rubble of devastated lives to the answers takes great courage. It takes opening oneself up to answers that sometimes we don’t what to hear, doors we don’t want to walk through, and truths we don’t want to face.

Of late, our television screens have made us witness to people crawling out of ruins covered in near-death dust praising God and life. Did they have moments of doubt? As trees were ripped from the ground and school busses were tossed in ditches like mere tin cans, I can only imagine that they did. But, if they can come out of that ragged mess with faith in tact, by God, so can I the next time my own life encounters hardships that whip through with tornado force winds.

Doubting is the first honest step toward truth.



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