Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hanging w/teens


I spent my weekend with about a hundred teenagers. No, no one made me do it. No, it wasn’t a punishment for some dastardly deed I committed. And no, I’m not losing my marbles. I did it voluntarily. Seriously.

And, what fun it was. If you haven’t spent some time rubbing shoulders with some young folks recently, you don’t know what you’re missing. I was totally impressed by their smarts, their bubbly attitudes, and their kindness to old women. But what impressed me most was their sincerity and commitment to live life honorably.

Honor. It’s a character trait I fear is ailing in these modern times. Our children have too few role models who personify what a life of integrity looks like. Movies stars that live phony lives, US Presidents who dishonor their marriage vows, corporate executives who steal, professional athletes who cheat, have all failed our youth miserably when it comes to modeling decency and goodness. But the kids I was with gave up their weekend of sleeping late and hanging doing nothing to spend time in discussion groups about how to make their lives matter more. They shared together how to overcome trials. They gathered and listen intently to speakers who encouraged them to make good choices.

And, they laughed. And entertained. And shared. And, served. And filled my cup.

What a privilege to be in a room of young people using words like faith, respect, prayer, honesty, morals, love, integrity, trust, giving, sharing, righteousness and yes, honor. The LuLu Chronicles is dedicated to the pursuit of healthy living. Well, I’m here to tell you, that if your insides are not seeking what those teens were seeking this weekend, your outsides will eventually cave into nothingness and all will be in vain.

Thanks, kids, for making LuLu and this old gal so proud.

See ya'll Thursday,


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