Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Be cautious


LuLu and I have several routes we ride. I’ve got most of them ‘clocked’ out and know how many miles each route is. One of my favorite six-mile trails takes me up a pretty steep hill. I’ve made it up every time so far, but by the time I get to the top, the Fake Knee is whining like a weenie, and I’m breathing pretty hard. I’m rewarded for my perseverance with a lovely ride through a quiet country neighborhood loop filled with flowers, lots of birds and friendly folks.
So, the pink bike and me pedal the loop and then eventually come back around to that hill. On the way home, it’s downhill all the way as I’m transformed into a kid again. I stand on the pedals and whiz down the slope with the wind in the hair, and a little flip in the tummy. Wheee!
Unfortunately, the slope brings me straight down to a stop sign and a cross road with the possibility of meeting up with a car, or truck, or tractor coming down the road.  The first time I whizzed down the hill like an Olympic downhill skier, I shot out right into that road and in right front of an oncoming car. Not smart. Thankfully, I had shot out on the road a few seconds in front of the car giving the surprised driver time to slow down. Since then I’ve renamed that little area Dead-Woman-On-A-Pink-Bike Road.
Now when I come down that hill, I give myself a few seconds of pure freedom… feet off the pedals, cruising at warp speed, hair blowing in the wind. About halfway down I start testing my brakes, grip the handlebars and by the time I get to the bottom of the slope I’m going a cautious, controlled speed.
Life has lots of thrills that are good, but as with most things, be smart, be cautious and expect the unexpected… and live to ride another day.
Be careful out there…

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