Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home again, home again gig-ga-de-gig

The whole Cleveland Clan at the upper falls. God is so good!


I know. I know! LuLu and I have been missing in action. Sorry. The last two weeks have been a blessing straight from God himself. But, I took you with me in spirit, okay?  First, we spent four days at Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp, God’s Country! The first two days, Gary and I had the five granddaughters in a cabin by ourselves. What fun. Except for the first night when I got about two hours sleep the whole night. Squirming girls, a slanting, dipping mattress, and freezing cold might have had something to do with that. The last two nights their parents joined us and then the last day the grandboys and their parents joined us. Then the party really began. Cousin Camp! Critter chasing, water balloons, lots of sand play, lots of fresh air and then there was the… creek.
Robinson Creek is holy ground to the Cleveland clan. It’s a place where you can cool down, frolic and renew your soul. Two waterfalls, constant motion and then the songs…yes, the creek sings. It has captured every song that has ever been sung at WCYC and returns it to you amidst it’s rapid, roaring waters. I promise, if you listen closely you can hear voices from the past still captured between it’s falls, laughter, prayer, singing, and names. What a joy to share this place once again with my sons and now with their families.
Then, last week Gary and I rushed home from camp only to wash and repack for our church’s Youth Trek- four days of canoeing on the Wisconsin River with eight of the greatest people you’d ever want to share a canoe paddle with. Spending time with these teens has renewed my hope for God’s church and for this nation. What sweeties! What wisdom, courage and strong spirit lives in these kids. The days were filled with floating down the river being escorted by bald eagles, sand cranes, turtles and a variety of other birds and creatures I’d only have to guess at what they were. But, they were beautiful and welcomed us to their territory without much fuss.
I’m back home now and the last two days, LuLu and I have made up for lost time. I came home fitter than when I left, a fact which impressed LuLu to no end as I pushed her hard down the side roads around here.
Summer is grand. Enjoy yours. Fill your days with loved one, good friends and a deep appreciation for what God has created for us with such delight.
See you Thursday!

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Unknown said...

Jim has mentioned that he wished he had taken a photo of your whole family on Friday, but missed the opportunity. You have a lovely one here! He says he'd put it in his portfolio. High praise. What a beautiful family.