Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Chase is on...


Yesterday was garbage day around here. Big loud, trucks that gobble up anything from coffee cans to half-eaten carrots were on the hunt. LuLu doesn’t like them. They’re too loud for her sensitivities. However, we pedaled out of the drive way just as the noisy truck was making a snack out of our neighbors trashcans. Bad timing for us, but off we went, me pedaling hard trying to put some distance between us the menacing truck. Picture Luke Skywalker being pursued by the blood thirsty Darth Vader. Or, Indiana Jones running away from a huge tumbling bolder with pygmies shooting poisonous darts at him. I pedaled. The truck pursued.
Okay, it wasn’t as dramatic as that, but the truck was annoying as I tried staying out in front of it.  The Fake Knee was none too pleased with our pace I might add. As this little cat and mouse game continued I was suddenly reminded how this is exactly what life is like—us trying to stay out in front of whatever is nibbling at our heels. Whether it be debt, or sickness, or woes of any kind, something seems to be always pursuing us… threatening.
Satan is like that garbage truck. He wants us. He knows he’s going to hell someday and he doesn’t want to be there all alone, hence the chase… the relentless nibble.
I was finally able to put a safe distance between us and the growls of the beast. But, every once in a while I could hear that hydraulic burp behind me, reminding me the chase was still on.
The chase is on folks. Keep your distance. Stay ahead. Pace yourself. The beast is out there looking for whom he can devour. 
May your pedals be strong and your tires always full of air…

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