Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I forgot it was Tuesday. Can you believe that? I did. I truly did. I even called my daughter-in-law to ask her if I was a babysitting on Tuesday, and bless her heart, she had to inform me it was Tuesday.
Anyhow, the day isn’t over, so I’m not late posting. Okay, yesterday I rode LuLu at 6 a.m. Today, I just finished riding LuLu. It’s 6 p.m. Flexibility. I love that word.
I’ve decided, along with many great minds of the world, that flexibility is a good thing. It’s a lifesaver. It’s a life enhancer. It’s just a good idea.
If you’re one of those folks who go through life with a plan, a strict, inflexible plan that come hell or high water you will not change, even if your grandmother is being carried off down the river in a Volkswagen camper in a flashflood, I think you may want to reconsider.
Inflexibility is stressful. It causes hives (or so I’ve heard). Laughter runs from inflexibility. Joy hides from it. And, it’s simply hurts. If you can’t change a plan, or a dream, or a destination because he wrote it down once and that’s just the way it is, then woe to you, brothers and sisters. What that means is that you just may miss out on something good because you’ve got your butt stuck in a rut. You can see only one path. One method. One timeline. One way.  Bottom line, you see… just yourself.
Having a plan is great. I highly recommend it, despite what I’ve just said. My disclaimer is that you should own the plan; the plan should not own you. Had I been inflexible with my bike-riding schedule, I would have missed out on a lovely, late afternoon ride. If I would have said, “Oh, well, I couldn’t fit it in this morning, I guess I won’t get to ride LuLu today because the plan calls for a morning ride, not an afternoon ride, so tough luck, deb.” Then, I would have missed out on something pretty sweet, and I wouldn’t have expended the calories I needed to expend today simply because the plan says… ‘I ride LuLu in the mornings.’ (Read that last line in a robot voice, it’s way more effective.)
Have a plan, then adjust when called for. Flexibility… it’s a good thing.

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