Thursday, November 17, 2011


Photo: LuLu's friend, Belle, the ball.


So, here I am teetering atop Belle, the ball, stretching the back out before we get to the hard stuff, when I realize… this is easier than it used to be. Have any of you exercised on a big ball? If you have, do you remember the very first time you sat down on it? The first time Belle and I started our workouts together, several years ago now, I laid back to stretch and immediately rolled off onto the floor—smack-dab on the *Cowgirl. It was not pretty.

I haven’t been on Belle for quite awhile. All spring and summer, LuLu, the pink bike, was my exercise buddy of choice. But now after months and months away, I plop down on Belle and immediately my body morphs into this incredible balancing machine. I stretch, I twist, I do sit ups, I lift weights, all keeping the Cowgirl where she belongs. Balance is a good thing.

I believe all the time I’ve spent on LuLu has taught my body how to compensate and adjust to the little tilts and jolts that come along… and now balance is second nature.

Life is all about balance—keeping yourself upright by constantly adjusting to the jiggles and jolts that are thrown at you. The good, the bad and the ugly have a way of knocking us to our Cowgirls if we aren’t prepared, centered, balanced, if you will.

A lot has been thrown at me lately threatening my balance. And, I must tell you that if I hadn’t already known that prayer, faith and supportive friends and family weren’t the keys to a balanced life, my Cowgirl would have found a permanent home splatted on the floor a long time ago.

Find your core. Keep your balance.



*Cowgirl- your behind a.k.a butt

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