Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do the hard stuff

Photo: Hildegard, the sweatmaker... one of the hard stuff.


Why is it so hard to create a new habit? For example, I know that exercise is good for me. I know that if I get up only thirty minutes earlier, I’d be able to get’er done and then get on with my day. The benefits are many—better heart health, weight loss, and building muscle, to name a few. So, why, why is it so hard to establish this good habit?

Like with anything, creating a new habit, takes practice. It takes sacrifice, it takes saying ‘yes’ to something and ‘no’ to something else, and let’s face it, denying ourselves of something that feels good or takes no effort has it’s charms.

Let’s see, let’s list things I’d rather be doing than sweating on Hildegard? 1) anything else; 2) see #1.

Are we too lazy to create a new habit that is good for us? I don’t think so. Are we too busy? We’re never too busy to do what we really want to do. So, what is it that’s makes it so hard to create a new habit?

Indulgence. We are an indulgent people. At times we’re like spoiled children who cross our arms, stamp our feet and refuse to eat our vegetables. It’s all about us and about what’s easy. We don’t do the hard stuff… not if we can help it.

This little’tude shows up not only in personal habits, but also in the workplace, in our churches, on the playground, and dare, I say, in our politics. We vote for the person who promises us it won’t be hard to get what we want, and that we won’t have to give up anything to get it.

Note to self: All the good stuff is hard to do. Quit yer whining and get on with it.

Assignment: Today, do the hard stuff first.



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