Friday, November 4, 2011

"What if..."


LuLu-ism # 36: What if my rider (deb) would get serious about her diet and actually lose a pound or two? Wouldn’t that be something?

I know, I know, I’m late posting. You’ll just have to forgive me, please. Yesterday was Colonoscopy Day for me. It was a lovely day, what I remember of it. Of course it was a way better day than the day before, if you get my drift. However, all is well. So, how’s that for an excuse not to meet a deadline?

Okay, I am proud to say that on Wednesday morning, before said colonoscopy prep was begun, LuLu and I took a spin in the rain. It was a light drizzle, but a great ride. At least it was until my head kept bouncing on politics. I’m not much of a political pundit. Nobody really cares what I think on this subject, nor should they. However, what I kept thinking about was what it would be like if a person of true faith, common sense and moral integrity actually became our president one day. You know someone who went to church because of his or her love for the Lord instead of the love of a good photo op. Or someone who when asked, “Do you believe in same sex marriage or abortion?” would say outright, “No, I do not and here’s why…” Or when asked, “Have you ever cheated on your wife?” would look straight into the camera and say, “No, I have not. I love only one woman and I will be faithful to her until I die.” Or, if that said presidential person was a woman, would respond, “I was a virgin when I married my husband because I made a promise to myself and God that true love waits and then I waited and married the right man, and I will forever be faithful to him” … and it all would actually be the truth.

What would it be like, if this said, fictitious person had made a mistake in his/her early years, say age eighteen or twenty or so and the press discovered it and blasted it all over the air waves, and instead of lying, dodging and covering up, our person was able to say, “That’s old news fellas. I confessed that sin to those I hurt a long, long time ago. I repented of it, prayed about, and have been living my life redeemed ever since.”

What if this fairy tale person made decisions for our country based on common sense and a healthy sense of right and wrong, instead of greed and polls and cover-ups?

“What if…” is a fun thing to ponder on a bike ride in the rain on a chilly fall morning.



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