Thursday, November 10, 2011

Meet the gang

Photos: The Let's-get-Deb-into-shape Campaign Team.


Okay, here’s the deal. Remember on Tuesday when LuLu and I went merrily pedaling in the autumn rain? Well, yesterday we had a total weather event. First comes rain, then hail, then sleet, then snow, then thunder and then lighting. Thus it is safe to say that winter has arrived in the North Country. I’m figuring LuLu and I will hit the road only sporadically from now until April. Hence, I’d like to introduce you to her friends who will be stepping up to the plate to help keep my cowgirl and Fake Knee from growing even fatter and lazier.

Meet Hildegard, the sweatmaker. Hildegard set up roost in our basement a few years ago. We’ve actually used her enough we’ve had to replace a part. Cool, huh? Well, I’m making a commitment to myself, to you, and to Hilde, she’s going to see me on a regular basis from this day forward. She’s an elliptical drill sergeant who takes no prisoners.

Meet Belle, the ball. She joined us a couple of years ago. I haven’t seen her all summer, but now with the white stuff falling from the sky, she and I will also have a date at least three mornings a week. Hold me to that.

And, you’ve already met, faithful side kick, Rusty. He has a very important job this winter. If I do not hop on him for a spin, the Fake Knee will become a Fake Rod with absolutely no flexibility at all. If I want to be able to hop back on LuLu come spring, old Rusty is my go-to guy.

Oh, you’ll still be hearing from LuLu, she’s the brain behind the Let’s-get-Deb-into- shape Campaign. But picture her in the garage, eating bon-bons and soaking her tires for a few months. She’s on vacation.

Why do I tell you all of this? They say if you tell someone you’re on a diet, or starting an exercise plan you’ll stick to it. Well, so far that’s worked for me. Since last April LuLu and I have put a few miles on her tires and my Cowgirl, mainly because you knew I’d promised to do it. So, wish me and the gang luck. It’s going to be a long, long winter. Oh, and feel free to join me. Get down to your basement and dust off whatever exercise equipment you have hiding down there. We’re going for the burn!



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