Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Thngs...


After a several days of sniffling and body aches I woke this morning feeling a bit better. There is life after a very bad cold. As I sit in my ‘girl chair’ (a big, overstuffed blue flowery chair in my office) and look out my window, I see a blue sky. The hot tea I’m drinking soothes me. The house is quiet and warm. Life is good.

Reading my horoscope this morning in my girl chair it said to be thankful for the little things because they are what are truly important in life.

Personally, I think horoscopes are silly.   Still, I get a kick out of how many days in my life I was suppose to meet a tall, dark, handsome, stranger and come into money. 
Anyway, for once I agreed with what I read.  I know that the little things in life are more important than money and power.  But it seems I spend a lot of my time trying to convince myself of that truth.  Usually it's when I want something I can't have, or lost something I really didn't need.
I do believe it.  The tinkle of a distant wind chime, curtains blowing in the breeze and a bluebird sitting on the fence post are simple reminders of a wealth that can't be bought.  A hug from a sweaty, happy child and giggles brought on from being squirted by a lawn sprinkler are what make summer, well--summer!
A dandelion offered in love makes up for all the roses given in deceit.  A surprise party that was truly a surprise and a shared soft drink on a hot day can't be beat. And, a comfy chair, hot tea, a healing body and sun breaking through the clouds should be valued above all riches.
The best things in life are free.  The little things in life are priceless.

May you day be filled with little things,


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