Thursday, November 8, 2012



 When my children were little, every day I’d send them off to school with an assignment:  Learn something new.  So when my first grader came running home with backpack flying and shoelaces flopping and declared,  "Mom, I can spell spit!"  What could I say?  It was something new.

            My "wonderment" is decreasing with age.  You know the  "Twinkle- twinkle-little-star-how-I-wonder-what-you-are" kind.  Aging is hard on my body, but it's much worse on my spirit.  I'm lazier.  I give up more easily.  I don't initiate.  I stay put.

            Kids are full of questions and adventure.  They rejoice in presents and the discovery the gifts bring.  We adults are given presents every day, but much too often they sit unopened and discovery is pushed aside.

            What keeps us from opening our gifts and taking a peek?  Is it fear?  If so,  are we afraid of failure or success?  We have the power to move mountains, but it's been a long time since I've met anyone who even wanted to.

            How long has it been since you learned something brand new, or explored, or just wondered, "Why?"  Come on!  Untie the ribbon.  Take the lid off.  Close your eyes and hold out your hands, you may be in for a big surprise!
After all, LuLu wouldn’t be in my life right now if I had not of decided at age 60 to start riding a bike.

            You LuLu is waiting…


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