Monday, November 19, 2012

Do I give You joy?


Thanksgiving Morning

Before my  family awakened
I began to form a list entitled
Reasons For Gratitude.
Then, halfway down the page
I pensively wondered--
Lord, do I give You any reasons
To be thankful for me?
                 ~ Ruth Harns Calkin
            "Father, do You ever prepare a feast of thanksgiving because I am?  Do I give You joy?  Are there moments in the day when You swell with pride and think, ‘That's my child!’
     "I cry.  You comfort.
      I lie.  You forgive.
      I hit.  You hug.
      I cheat.  You reimburse.
      I falter.  You carry.
      I turn.  You reach.
      "So, why do I feel that the oceans roar in my honor; that the highest mountain has my name on it; and that the gardenia's sweet smell reminds You of me?"
      "I am called the light of the world and the salt of the earth.  But You molded the earth, and under Your fingernails the clay still lingers.  It was Your lungs and Your kiss that awakened life from nothingness."
       "I know love.  You lived it into existence."
      "Do I give you any reason to be thankful for me?  Barely, at best.  But thankful you are, so blessed I am."

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