Monday, November 5, 2012

Foretastes of heaven...


“I created you with the capacity to experience foretastes of heaven.”                                          ~Sarah Walker- Jesus Calling

The other morning while reading from the devo book I’m using, that quote stuck with me. Foretastes of Heaven… what could that possibly mean? And, had I ever felt like I had experienced anything like that? Once I starting thinking about it though, all of a sudden I was overwhelmed. I’ll list a few for you…
…. The look of pure, eager love on my groom’s face as I walked down the aisle towards him… heaven came near.
… The births of each of my sons and the first time their tiny fingers wrapped around mine, the world became perfect… and, heaven came near.
  Every time my 85-year-old mother wraps her arms around her 61-year-old daughter, I experience unconditional love… and, heaven comes near.
… Every time a sunset takes my breath away … heaven comes near.
… The mornings I wake up after a storm, throw back the curtains and am greeted with the most perfect shade of blue painted in the sky… heaven comes near.
  The hope that flooded my heart when my husband’s last PET scan was cancer-free… heaven came near.
  Riding LuLu on a summer morning as the earth first yawns… heaven comes near.
   The perfect ‘bite’ of sweet and salty… heaven comes near.
    A prayer uttered in private, mixed with tears and longing… heaven comes near.
   Standing in a hospital room as I watched each son hold his first-born, and a tiny fist reached up and… heaven came very near.
Foretastes of heaven… are all around us if we just … look.


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