Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Saddle up...

Nellie Rose- #8

Right now I’m living on overflow. My cup is so full I’m afraid I’m going to topple over. If you followed the blog last week, you know that Nellie Rose debuted on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Grandchild # 8 arrived before the midwife could and my son had to deliver his own daughter. Sweet mother Erin did her part as well and was fearless. She’s an amazing woman and mom.
So, what’s next? How do you follow something so wonderful? How do you keep from having a huge letdown after so much activity and joy? You don’t have to have had a new grandchild for the holiday to be full and all consuming. Family, children, food, and friends coming together to celebrate are such a gift. But… there’s always a ‘but’ isn’t there?
When the living room clutter is cleared and all the sheets washed and towels folded and put away, how do you get yourself back on track? As you know, this old gal has been on a quest for better health for quite some time now. Nothing like a huge twenty-pound turkey surrounded by dressing, mashed potatoes and homemade bread to challenge the calorie count.
You thank God for the joy. You thank Him for the bliss. Then, you throw the covers off, don the sweat pants and before you body has time to protest, you hop on your pink bike and pedal down the road. Break’s over. If Nellie Rose is going to get to know her grandmother, her grandmother was got to stick around. She’s got to be healthy enough to duck-duck-goose, to ring-around-the-rosie, to squeeze toes and take the piggy to the market. That little girl and I have tea parties to attend and patty-cakes to throw in the pan.
Ain’t no pecan pie gonna cheat this MeMe out of play dates with her girl. So, it begins again.  Saddle up, LuLu…

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