Friday, April 19, 2013


Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my sixty-second birthday. It was a good day. Although, if you ask LuLu, she may not agree. It was her second birthday and all she got to do was sit in the garage. The rain and the wind kept her sidelined. I did go out and visit with her. I promised her the first day without rain, snow or hurricane-force winds we’d hit the road. She just looked at me with her sad little white-walled tires and said, “Promises. Promises.” Poor baby.
However, I had a great day, even though I didn’t get to do to my annual pilgrimage to an old graveyard. Yeah, I’m weird. I love old graveyards, so shoot me. So much history there. So many great names itched in stone. But what I did do that was great fun was:
1)    … complete my edits on my latest manuscript and sent it off to the New York agent who requested a three-week exclusive. Yeah, you heard me a NEW YORK AGENT! Hopefully, I’ll have good news for you soon. Or, some really sad, but character-building news to share.
2)    … the Hubs took me to lunch at my favorite fish place. When perch melts in your mouth like butter you know you’re in the best part of the North Country. He also presented me with an iPad mini (another electronic gadget the grandkids are going to have to show me how to use).
3)    … all the sons called in. My babies. The sun, the moon, the stars of my existence.
4)    … the daughter-in-laws called in. The reason the sons even remembered it was my birthday.
5)    … grandbabies left some precious messages on voice mail that will never be erased, until I accidently push the wrong button.
6)    … grandbabies sent me artwork, videos and photos (granted, photos with their fingers up their noses, but priceless all the same).
7)    … the mom called in. At my age and you still have a mommy who calls and tells you about her water-breaking sixty-two years previous, you’re one blessed daughter, a little grossed out, but blessed nonetheless.
8)    … a boatload of friends and extended family sent me Facebook greetings or sent birthday emails, or actually snail-mail cards. Some who are just as old as I am. It’s a wonder the planet didn’t tip a little to the right from so much airtime generated toward one location.
9)    … my oldest friend in the world, the one I played in the sandbox with, went to high school with, was my college roommate and my matron of honor in my wedding (and I hers) sent me flowers, actual hold in your hands, sniff with your nose blooms.
10) … I treated myself with an afternoon of lectures from some visiting authors at a couple of public libraries. Great fun.
11) … I came home to the Hubs. He is still doing well, maybe a little green around the edges from the cancer-treatments, but his smile still makes my heart flutter; his arms still my place of refuge; his large, strong hands still my home.
12) … end the day the way it began, grateful, prayerful, and wanting to be no where else in the whole wide world.

Happy Birthday to me!


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Annette said...

A very merry, Happy Birthday to you Deb-- enjoy the Ipad mini (I got one form Johna and the boys last Christmas and I ADORE it!)

Happy Happy--here's something to entertain you:

Annette & John