Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dance before the King...

I have a friend who has decided that, for her, this is going to be the year of the dance. She’s going to do a little dance when she’s happy. When she’s sad, she’s going to get her feet moving and her hips swaying and dance the blues away. As she cleans house, she dances. As she cooks supper, she throws in a little two-step. I like that.
Okay, so it’s almost the end of April. How are those New Year resolutions coming? Say what? Forgotten what they were, have we? That’s okay. I’m here to challenge you to either pick them up again, or replace them with… wait for it… a dance.
I love to twirl. One of the first things I taught my granddaughters when they learned to stand and walk was to twirl with MeMe. We’ve twirled all over our house. We even have a couple of Dancing Trees in our yard (you probably know them as Weeping Willows) that have seen a lot of twirling action through the years.
Why dance and twirl? Well, why not? What better way to meet life’s challenges and doldrums? Dance them away. Twirl them right out of your day. Need a pick me up? Toss your head back, spread out your arms and twirl! Yeah, you too, guys. Close the garage door, shut yourself off in that Man Cave of yours and give it a go. Twirl! Shimmy! Let’er loose!
My days have taken a complete left turn. The Hubs is fighting for his life. I’m trying to help. My days are filled with raw juice prep and organic, enriched meal research. ‘Worst Case Scenario’ lurks in every dark corner trying to gnaw away my soul. There is a lot not to dance about. But I won’t listen to that mess. I refuse.
Have you ever danced a prayer? Have you ever twirled your way closer to God? I’m here to tell you, you should try it. Got challenges? Then, dance. Feel your heart caving in? Toss your head back, lift your eyes toward the heavens, stretch your arms out like eagle wings and twirl, dear friends. Dance before The King.
Some of you don’t get it, I know. But… start small. Tap a toe or two and go from there.

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