Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daddy preached...


The barn where Gary has preached the last 36 years.

The LuLu Chronicles started out as a journal of sorts to record my journey toward better health, physical, emotional, and spiritual. I have battled for years to get back to my ‘fighting weight’ with only temporary success, and I’m always trying to improve and make more relevant my spiritual journey. As for my emotional health, who isn’t a little nutso at times, right? But, never did I think I would be chronicling our journey with cancer and how this journey affects all of the above. We’ve taken a turn in the road that is full of bumps and so far, seems to be uphill all the way.
The Hubs is doing okay this week. With one ‘ipi’ treatment down, the side effects haven’t been too bad. This drug is a slow builder, so his symptoms will more than likely worsen as we go along. But for now, a little bit of stomach stuff, a bout with dizziness, and some fatigue seem to be the worst of it. After a couple of weeks off he is so looking forward to preaching this coming Sunday.
Sunday. This day defines our family more than any other. The first day of the week. The Lord’s Day. This is the day, as young parents, we got up earlier than the other days. I’d get up a whole hour earlier than the fam so I could get myself dressed and breakfast on the table before I woke the kids up. Gary would rise, shower, dress and then sit in our living room and look over his lesson with a cup of coffee in hand. As we entered the church building, which for us for the last thirty years or so has been a renovated diary barn, the worries of the world were left on the doorstep. Inside serious business was going on. Formation of spirits, and character were being molded. Communion, hymns, prayer and fellowship were manna to our souls. And, for our family, daddy preached.
Daddy is still preaching. He stills sits on his stool. He opens his Bible and he tells us stories, stories that inspire, challenge, make us laugh and always, always make us better. My prayer request this week is that you ask our Father to allow Gary to keep doing His bidding for Him; To give him strength and health enough to keep doing what he has been called to do for as long as he can. Pray that God will continue to be honored by my sweet Hubs and his wise, humble words.
It’s Thursday… but Sunday’s coming.

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Annette said...

We're with you--thinking of you every day--praying for you--for health, strength and sitting on that stool every Sunday!
Much love
Annette & John