Friday, April 12, 2013

But, here we are...

The Hubs at Mayo getting infusion.

The cute guy in the picture is the Hubs getting his second ‘ipi’ infusion yesterday. Cute guy, huh? We’ve had a good report this trip. Gary is still basically symptom-less when it comes to his cancer. How one can have six, deadly cancerous tumors embedded in their liver and not feel it, beats me, but here we are. His blood work came back all good. If we hadn’t seen the tumors on the scans ourselves, we’d have a hard time believing they are there. And thanks to all of our juicing efforts Gary’s blood pressure was the lowest it’s ever been.
Life is odd and sickness is even odder. Is that a real word ‘odder’? Probably not, but I’m a writer so I get to make up my own words when it suits me. Sickness is odd. It takes a perfectly healthy body and screws it up. Who’s idea was this?
I know whose it wasn’t. Remember the Garden of Eden? Perfection. Two beautiful, perfectly healthy people; A bunch of perfectly healthy animals; Fruit trees with no worms; Crystal clear brooks and ponds; Fish with no mercury; Lush foliage; No mosquitoes (if there were, they were all vegetarians back then); No decay; No germs; No sickness; And then…Wham! The bite that was heard around the world!
Before Eve could even swallow decay begun. The first wrinkle appeared. The first cough could be heard. The first burp, upset stomach, bile and so it began. Sickness and death soon followed.
Gary is sick, but you won’t hear this woman blame God. Could He heal Gary? Yes. Could He stop this cancer in its tracks? Yes. Could He remove the sickness from his body and place it into some unsuspecting hogs? I believe He could.
Could He put an end to all unrest and hatred? Yes. Could He have stopped the destruction and pain of 9/11? Yes? Could He balance the budget? Yes. But here we are.
My faith in the power of God has nothing to do with my comfort level. My belief that God created the earth and Jesus came and saved the earth has nothing to do with whether I’m pleased with the way things are going.
God is. He knows. He sees. He comforts. He weeps. Just like He did on Day One, or whatever day that was that Eve heard that ill-fated “hiss”.
His plan was perfect. His power is absolute. His compassion unfathomable. It is my understanding of it all that is a little suspect.
Gary is a cute patient. His liver is behaving for now. My beloved God has held that liver in His hands. I will trust Him to do with it what He wills…

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