Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Unwrapped gifts...

Today's super sassy hair cut.

LuLu and I were holding our breath.  The sun was poking out behind the clouds. Nothing was falling from the sky.  It was ‘Go’ day! Then… I stepped outside and practically got blown over. It wasn’t just a spring breeze, it was a left over harsh wind from winter. Arrrg! Will we never get to bike ride?!

Oh, well. Enough whining for one morning. I leave in a minute to get my haircut. A few snip-snips and I’ll be a new woman. Isn’t it amazing what a haircut can do? It’s not just getting the bangs out of your eyes, it’s giving you a whole new outlook. If you feel pretty, you are pretty.

Of course, for you guys it’s probably not the same thing. I gave the Hubs his haircut last night. I’ve been cutting his hair for 42 years. I figure if I cut his, I’ll have money to spend to have mine cut. I’m certainly not going to let him near me with scissors. Anyway, it didn’t change him in the least. I don’t think he felt pretty at all. It was a task that needed to be done. It got done. Let’s move on—yet another difference between men and women.

While there have been very few times I’ve left the beauty shop in tears, there’s been more than enough times that I’ve left disappointed. I come in with this photo of the perfect haircut. Granted, it is sported by some super thin, flawless, photoshopped actress or model, but hey, a girl can dream right? For whatever reason, time and time again, I have hopes that that haircut will look the same on me. Never mind that my hair is the wrong color and texture and that my face has seen a few more moons, as they say, than said model or actress. I walk in thinking Reese Witherspoon. I come out seeing old lady with cowlicks.

As a disclaimer, my disappointment isn’t with the hairdresser. I’ve had several wonderful ones over the years, and the one I have now is a miracle worker to be sure. But, my hair is what it is. Yet, most days, I come out of the salon feeling pretty. Uplifted. Able to throw care to the wind for the next six weeks.

Right now in my life, it’s the little things that form the bridge to the next day.  The haircut, a delicious meal, a warm sunbeam, a card in the mail, all brighten and bolster the spirit. They are little unwrapped gifts sent to me from my Father through acts of nature and acts of kindness.

God’s eyes are watching me and watching over me. That’s good enough for today.


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