Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Editing & Re-writes


            Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I got back up and went out on the back-screened porch with my laptop. The good news is that I got another chapter written in my book. The bad news is that I’m so tired now; I’m about to go into a coma.
            It felt so good getting another chapter onto the page. I’m on the homestretch now. I’ll be able to type THE END in about seven or so chapters. Then the real writing starts—editing and re-writing. Actually, those are my favorite parts of the process. It is in the re-writing where I’m able to give the color, use my voice, and fine-tune the story. By this time, the characters have started to breath and live. I’m even having dreams about them. They’re family. I care about them. And, when the book is done, I will miss them.
            At age 61, I like to think I’m in the editing and re-write stage of my life. After all the drafts and restarts, the chapters are now flowing. Color has been added. My voice has been found.  It’s taken a long time to write my story, and I’m not done yet, of course. There are still some surprises on the pages ahead. Hopefully, there are even some new characters to add. The process has been good; The journey worth it.
            The new book, when all is done, will have taken me a full year.             It is my greatest hope when my own life’s story is all done, I will be able to say the same, but more importantly, God will be able to say, “The process was good, and your journey well worth it.”


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