Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jesus ahead...

Look close. Do you see the cross?
Yesterday LuLu and I went six miles. Half uphill. Half downhill. I don’t have to tell you which one I enjoyed more do I? As I turned out of my driveway to begin the ride, I looked down the road and smiled. Jesus was up ahead.
This past June when my parents were here for a month, one day Mom and I were driving down our road when she said, “Oh, look! The cross!”  My mom is eighty-five and sharp as a tack, but I thought maybe the time had come to gently pat her on the arm and say, “Oh, and over there is an elephant with stripes. Isn’t that nice.”  However, what she was trying to point out to her unobservant daughter was that up ahead where the trees over hang across the road, their branches touch and join in such a way that they frame a perfectly formed cross. Mom wasn’t nuts. There was a cross.
Jesus is everywhere if we’re looking for him. He’s all around us reminding us we are not alone. He didn’t leave us as orphans. He’s here, watching, comforting, and spotting like a coach standing underneath the high bar as his gymnasts swing wildly around and around the bar.
As I pedaled down our road I, too, saw the cross… now. But it took my sweet mama to point it out. I prayed yesterday that God would use me to be the ‘pointer’ to someone else, that whomever I encountered throughout the day who were needy, hurting, or as unobservant as I was, that I would say, “Oh, look! The cross!”
Have a great weekend, friends.

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