Thursday, January 17, 2013

A shared faith...


            My husband and I were at a marriage retreat recently.   While sitting around a fireplace, 20 couples or so focused on nothing but their relationship.  They searched for ways to rediscover each other--which is a trick after so many years of familiarity.  They listened to other couple’s struggles and victories and tried to see where they could apply these lessons to their own relationship.
            By most counts, it was the wives who insisted they come to the retreat.  But by the end, it was the husbands who vowed to come again.
            Tears were shed--a healthy, physical response to forgiveness and renewal.  But after the tears came laughter.  I am convinced no one has a better time than old married folks--jokes, songs, stories--it was great.
            On Sunday morning, all worshipped together around the same fireplace that the night before shed light on our renewed commitments. We sang.  We prayed.
            Relationships revolving around a core faith have the best chance of survival in a world that is becoming more faithless by the tick of the clock.  A shared faith is a strong foundation that holds when everything else seems to be crumbling.  If you and your mate are Believers, you will be able to weather any storm as God holds the umbrella. If you and your mate are not on the same page spiritually, I urge you to get there. Find a church. Open a Bible. Clasp hands and learn to pray together. It will be the best thing you could ever do for your marriage… your family.
             Rediscovery of an old love with a new faith--ah, nothing is as sweet.

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