Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get a move on!

LuLu-ism #55: Get off your duff!
LuLu in warmer days...

My pink bike, LuLu is waiting for me out in the garage. Winter makes her antsy. She doesn’t wait well. She knows there are roads we haven’t yet ridden down; Sights we haven’t seen. She’s glaring at the snow and the minus-degree weather trying to intimidate and run them off.  She wants to get on with it.
… and so do I, thanks to LuLu. She’s taught me many things on this journey to better health, but none more important than the fact that I am my own worst enemy. Before LuLu, I found myself stepping back and away from activities and opportunities more and more. “I’m too tired,” I’d say. Or, the pull to just sit on the couch was just too great. But then, LuLu came to my house with her pink-self beckoning me to the open road, and I decided that I didn’t want my legacy to be a butt indentation left in my couch. So, I started pedaling.
However, it’s a battle of wills at times. The couch and my own diminishing spirit are like glittering sirens flirting, tempting and calling to me to come sit and do nothing. Tempting me to let life go on without me. I’m sixty-one years old and at times doing nothing has a whole lot of appeal. But, if I don’t watch out, sitting in place will become the way I go through life.  Joan Chittister in her book, The Gift Of Years says, “We deny ourselves layer upon layer of life and wonder why life holds no excitement for us anymore… So, we don’t go on to the next step to begin something new. We fail to go on becoming. We stop in our tracks with years ahead of us and wait.”
I say, let’s cut that out! I’m not dead yet, so why should I act like it? Come on, people, there’s lots of roads out there left unexplored. I say we meet life head on until it wins. I think I’ll go out in the garage and put some air in LuLu’s tires and some oil on her chain. As soon as that snow melts… we’re outta here!

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