Thursday, January 10, 2013

Freshly squoze...

My handy-dandy juicer

I’m sitting here writing with a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice in hand. A few years back I got on this juicing kick and bought this mighty fine juicer that can puree a bushel of apples and a small buffalo in just under three seconds. It’s a wonderful little machine. Of course as eating trends and enthusiasm goes, the joy of juicing lasted maybe six months. One day I looked at the clean up procedure of making my own juice as to compared to screwing off the lid of a jug of prepared orange juice and that was that. However, the freshly ‘squoze’ taste will always win hands down.
So, I’m back at it. I mean if I’m going to become a gourmet cook, I might as well delight in finding myself elbows deep in pink grapefruit pulp as well. I’m jumping in with all fours.
As for exercise, poor LuLu is wrapped in a blanket in the garage. There’s snow on the ground and I don’t expect she’s going see the light of day for some time yet. So, Hildegard, The SweatMaker is on deck. The big, muscled elliptical machine stands at the foot of the basement stairs barking my name.
My friends, where are you in your resolve in this new year? I know, it’s early, but you know as well as I do resolve is fickle. She cries at the least adversity, caves in with the slightest challenge, and is the queen of all wimps. Get tough with her. Grab her shoulders and give her a good shake. 2013 is your year- whether it’s the year you get healthy, the year you write the great American novel, or simply the year you learn how to knit. Let’s do this thing!
I just took another sip of my freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. It’s sweet and smooth going down. It delights the taste buds. This morning one point for me. Zero for unmet resolve.
We’re on our way, friends…

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