Tuesday, January 15, 2013



Believe it or not, I was able to ride LuLu last week. Our January thaw came early and cleared the road in front of our house of ice and snow. So off we went. It didn’t take long for the Cowgirl to start whining, but I ignored her the best I could. Besides, my legs were complaining just as loud. It’s amazing how quickly your body reverts back to its lazy ways when you mess with your exercise routine. Half way through the ride, the legs finally began acting like they remembered what they were supposed to do. They got less noodlely and stronger with each rotation of the pedal. They finally engaged and did their part.
Legs. Another part of my body I take for granted.  Mine are short, stout and thick at the ankles. They’ve served me well over the years. During my teen years they kept me competitive on my high school’s tennis team and through college. I loved running, so these little short stems saw me through many years of jogging. All those years I never got to sit down while raising our boys, the legs never failed. They took me upstairs and down enough times to circumference the world three times over. Backpacking and even hiking the Grand Tetons, the legs remained faithful. Even now, carrying more weight than which they were designed, they hold fast. A few years ago when the right knee finally gave way and had to be replaced with a fancy-dancy titanium gadget, the legs fought hard to regain their usefulness.  They may be a little road-weary now but they’re still holding me up… taking me places.
Our bodies are their own miracle. The brilliant mind of God must have had fun designing them. Like a Master Tinker in His shop, how He must have delighted in the idea of legs, what they could do, where they could take us. I pray I’ve put mine to good use and will continue to be mindful of the gift they are.
As I pedal down the road on LuLu, as I walk toward my neighbor’s house, as I climb the steps to my church’s sanctuary, as I kneel in thanksgiving, may I always be reminded Who gave and Who continues to give…

Blessings, friends,

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