Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Look who's cooking...

Flank Steak & Cauliflower

2013 don't scare me none! For the first time in several years, I am not in the least intimidated by my New Year's Resolutions. Mainly, because they are just a continuation from last year's... which are a continuation from the year before. Let me explain. In 2011, LuLu the pink bike, came into my life with her shiny chrome fenders and sleek pink physique. Her mission: to get mama healthy. She's relentless and hasn't let me forget for one moment the goal- get the old gal moving and keep her moving.  Now, a year and a half into it, I'm still pedaling when weather permits and still learning new ways to get healthy and make the most of my days.

I'm not the best cook. I haven't had to be. The Hubs and I raised three boys and all that mattered during those years was that there was food on the table... lots of it. Taste was beside the point. So, if you wanted a roaster full of chili I was your gal. If you wanted a gourmet meal, try the house down the street. Until now...

Last night, I am proud to announce that I rustled up for our dining pleasure flank steak with cauliflower paste topped with a parsley and a red wine vinegar sauce with a side of asparagus. (See photo) And, besides it tasting like a million bucks, it was only 362 calories. Yes, my friends, look who's cooking!

Of course my new found talent for vittle-fixing doesn't mean I won't have set backs and be found hiding in the back of the closet with M & M's in my mouth mumbling about low-blood sugar; however, it does mean I at least have a fighting chance of continuing on in 2013 on this journey to good health--physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Are you still with me?  Good!


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